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About Us

Greetings Sports Fans !!!

You are at the Right Place for The Right Thing.

We manufacture and deliver the best Vince Lombardi Replica Trophy in the market as we do not compromise in quality. With us you will find the great handmade product at an affordable price. Your online transaction on Copy2Trophy is secure with the highest levels of transaction security as the payments are processed through trusted PayPal payment gateways. Our Concern and topmost priority lie in building healthy trust among our customer by delivering the product with sound Quality.

You can contact us directly on
[email protected] | Skype (C2TROPHY) | +1-917-727-9958 (RICHMOND HILL, NY)

Our Concern is the always Customer’s Satisfaction and Trust.



WARNING :- as with all genuine online sellers in today’s world. We have seen overseas sellers from CHINA, THAILAND, HONGKONG who downloads our products images/content/videos from Google and unauthorized use in their WEBSITE / EBAY / ALIBABA /AMAZON and other online marketplace accounts. Be aware from these sellers, they may try to mislead you. Always be sure, you are dealing with “COPY-2-TROPHY”. So you get the best quality.

PAYMENT GUIDELINE :- do not pay any seller via bank transfer, money order, or western union type payment gateways. Always pay via credit card or PAYPAL where you are protected with 180 DAYS under consumer protection rights. Your transaction will be safe.

QUALITY FACTOR :- we do not make trophies in RESIN/PLASTIC/STEEL/SILVER/IRON. We make trophies in BRASS with nickel plated (most long lasting in plating technique) somewhere gold polish. And we make replica trophies with heavy brass sheets so we can avoid dents & Imperfections in manufacturing and transportation process.

Our Products Quality, Long Lasting Polish, Customer Reviews, Customer Selfie’s Speaks A LOT.

Less Pricing | Less Delivery Time | Ready to Dispatch | Direct Manufacturer | Priority Courier | Widest Range


Add notes while order placing if anything ( Now we are accepting Custom/Personalized Engraving Orders)

Always ADD working contact number to the shipping address for the courier company.

Stock is ready to dispatch. No need to worry at all.

Order early if you need the trophies for an event or a gift. BTW we have ready Stock.


You are at established (2010) Replica trophy Store domain www.copy2trophy.com. Without stating the obvious! We are in no way, shape or form affiliated with the recently created domain www.copytrophy.com (Copy Trophy). If the similarities create confusion and its objectives occasionally succeed, We do apologies. No laws can prevent this, however for us it is just another example of Our superior reputation, One could see it as a compliment, other’s may see it as a tackle from behind. Enjoy the store and read the ABOUT US page. Regards TEAM (Copy-2-trophy)