Trophy Care Tips

As you’re the proud owner of a Silver-plated/Nickle-Plated cup or trophy, you’re sure to want to keep it on display and polish to be last longer.

Exposure to air and being kept in humid conditions can cause Silver/Nickle to tarnish faster though, so it’s best to place your trophy in a glass cabinet. This also means that it will be less likely to come into contact with other harmful substances, such as smoke or water, or become coated with dust. Placing a little desiccated silica gel in the cabinet will help to prevent trophy-damaging moisture from collecting there too.

If you spot any fingerprints or greasy marks on your trophy, remove them straightaway, using a polishing cloth. You should also polish your award thoroughly about once a month, moving the cloth across the trophy in straight lines, in a single direction.

Avoid wearing latex gloves when touching your award, and never use any abrasive brush, cloth or cleaning product on it.

Always Wear Cotton Cloth Gloves while handling the trophy.

Using these tips your trophy plating will be last longer…